Empowering Today’s Businesses with Strategic Growth

Our private growth equity company takes your existing business to the next level. With equity investment and operational support, CI invests in your future in more ways than one.
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Our Mission

To help established businesses construct and grow their online presence by investing in their company and building a digital growth partnership.
Our goal is to create mutual success and turn today’s entrepreneurs into tomorrow’s innovators.
There’s a lot of competition out there (as if you weren’t already aware) and it’s time we help you step up your game.
Your business transforms into our business. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll accomplish together:
Discover and target the precise audience to engage with
Send the proper messaging with smart and captivating content
Quickly and efficiently convert visitors into repeat customers
Become the industry innovator you’ve been dreaming about
We feel it’s important for you to understand who we are and how we’re going to accomplish these tasks together as business partners.
What does the landscape of a digital growth partner look like?
We don’t talk at you and give you a laundry list of items to fix. (Sounds awful, doesn’t it?) We have conversations, educate one another, share ideas and best practices, and implement solutions.
What does this mean for business growth?
We’re fully invested in your company’s future, both literally and figuratively, which means sharing our unique growth strategy while learning about your successes and roadblocks.
How unique?
When we say we want to invest in your business, we’re not just talking about time, resources, and expertise. We literally want to invest in your business and put our money where your mouth is. But that’s not all. We also help you thrive and become more efficient operationally. We believe in your mission and want to support the digital growth of your business in every aspect. This uncommon combination (say that three times) is why our clients, or rather partners, rave about CI.
Different, right?
“Different” leads to innovation and innovation leads to success.
Picture this: We’re sitting in a conference room, pick yours or ours, and we’re coming up with decisions together that will catapult the growth in your business.

Excited yet?

We are

What aspect of your business do we help tune up for maximum growth?
Not sure? No worries.
That’s why there’s CI
Together, we will uncover the areas that need improvement and share our online growth toolbox with all the goodies. After all, sharing is caring.

Is the current website maximizing online visibility or are we going to create one from scratch to bring online market share to an offline business? Either way, our “different” approach can deliver mutual success for “our” business.
How is a partnership with CI going to help business flourish?
Creative Innovation Founders
Founders: Amit Bhalla and Lalit Aggarwal
Maximize online visibility
Gain new market share
Deliver quick sales conversions and ROI
Drive traffic to both new and existing websites
Gain an internal digital marketing arm ensuring strategy is fresh and effective
Introduce products and services to the right audience
Revamp current digital marketing strategy or create a brand new shiny one
Educate and empower teams with the knowledge to stand out from the crowd
Build a long-term relationship with smart, passionate, and reliable experts
Take the current or new e-commerce business to the next level
How does it work?
We’re fully invested and ask for a stake in your business. We share your passion for success and because we both have something to lose, our focus is on winning, which we can measure and scale by the way.
Our approach is one you haven’t seen over and over while searching for an online growth partner and we bet you’ve visited quite a few sites thus far. We don’t deliver a service from the outside, send you on your way, and hope for the best.
To simplify, we assess, invest, and help grow your business.
Pretty cool, right?
Utilizing our expertise to make yours shine is why we love what we do.
Confidentiality and privacy are a priority and one we take very seriously.
It’s not time to focus on what’s currently missing and holding you back from flourishing as a business.

Sounds like a waste of time, doesn’t it?

What’s productive is to visualize the future and recognize the support that exists to modify and create together. Why? It will lead to the wildest of business aspirations never thought possible.
With our mutual trust and our confidentiality commitments, we take a deep dive to ensure the next step of investing makes sense for us both.
Once we know what we need to do to expand your online marketing capabilities, we get busy. It's all very exciting to watch the newly planted seeds grow.
You’re more than a website, but you already know that. Now, it’s time to let others know what you’re capable of. You deserve to shout your offerings and benefits from the rooftops and we can’t wait to create the platform and online presence for you to do just that.

Time for a re-cap

A business is about partnership and every partnership requires support, vision, experience, capital, and a talented, goal-oriented team to build growth and reach success. The good news? You don’t have to search far as it seems you might have just found your new partner.
Now that you’re aware of the value CI can bring to your business, it’s up to you to take the next step and explore what a partnership with us truly signifies
Let’s Grow Something Great Together
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